I created this training in PowerPoint for a company that would be interested in helping its employees succeed in their professional and even personal goals.  The goal of this training would be to provide the employees information to have a successful start to their morning, which would carry over into the day.   

Design doc

This Design Doc was created in Google Docs and shows the process I used to plan the SAVERS training.  

Facilitator guide

The SAVERS Facilitator Guide gives the SAVERS instructor slide by slide instructions and scripts.  There are notations made where appropriate to guide the instructor depending on if the training is live or virtual.  This was created by exporting the PowerPoint into a Word document, and then editing the text for each slide.

Participant Guide

The SAVERS Participant Guide was created in Word and allows participants to write in their own notes about how they would use each step of SAVERS.  It also gives them room to jot down general notes and questions as well as write in their plan for implementing SAVERS into their mornings.