Articulate 360

Articulate 360 Rise - Meditation Course

This is a course I created in Rise regarding meditation, which is applicable not just for personal health, but also for the workplace.  I worked hard at keeping the course and lessons short while showcasing a variety of interactions.  You can also download my Design Doc and Storyboard!

Articulate 360 Storyline - Massage Course

I created a short course in Storyline that a spa may want clients to consume - especially clients new to massage.  Spas can either post this on their website or send the course link in an email or text to clients when using either of those methods to confirm appointments or welcome the new client.  This can help save the spa some time having one of their employees go over these instructions verbally with each client.  To view the Design Doc, click here.  The Storyboard can be accessed here.  

Articulate 360 Storyline - Sleep Hygiene Course

I created a course in Storyline that a company may want employees to consume regarding sleep hygiene in order to promote health and wellness, which will also improve productivity and possibly the moods of the employees.  This course goes over what sleep hygiene is as well as how to best set oneself up for sleep.  To view the Design Doc, click hereThe Storyboard can be accessed here.  I did use the AI tool ChatGPT to aide in creating a storyboard, but it was not a tool I relied heavily on.  It just helped to get my started and organize my thinking.  There is a deliverable that would be given to organizations to copy for their employees.  It is a simple document I created in Word.  You can access this deliverable here.