For Fun

This page is a peak into my personal life.  

My daughter and I seeing Hamilton together - the first time!  I won the Hamilton lottery 3 times.  After this, I took her again for her 18th birthday and splurged for some good seats.

My first foray into the Renaissance Faire with my daughter!

Who doesn't love homemade lemonade?  This is blueberry lemonade.  Yum!

Homemade white bread following recipes in the book Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.

I LOVE pizza!  This is homemade deep dish pizza.

Who does the family call when they want homemade dinner rolls for a holiday dinner?  ME!

My favorite holiday?  Shark Week, of course!  Here, the late Ribbons, also one of my favorites, is enjoying the view outside while hindering the view of Mike Rowe and sharks.

The 2 current furbabies in our home - Bobbi (left) and Beaux.  Bobbi is half Japanese bobtail, and his original owners called him Bobbi.

If you enjoy eating like I do, you need to exercise.  If you have cats, just try exercising without them!

One thing I wanted when I was looking for a house was a space to make my library.  I love reading!  My books are organized by genre, author, and title.  I also have a system for keeping track of what I still need to read.  I've read the majority of these books.

I really enjoy crocheting.  I usually make items to sell.  My daughter is modeling my granny shawl.

This elegant triangle shawl was made and given as a birthday gift to my sister.  I made a similar one in purple to sell.