Each of these projects have been designed by me specifically for my portfolio.  I did have a SME to work with for one of the videos, but all others were developed using my own expertise or the internet as a SME.  I was also the instructional designer who incorporated all aspects of ADDIE to develop these trainings.  I created the design docs, storyboards, and end products.  

I created short courses in Rise and Storyline that would help people with self-care.  In Rise, my project is about mindful meditation.  In Storyline, I created projects about preparing for a massage as well as what to do for the next 24 hours after the massage and a project that could help a business by helping its employees get better sleep by paying attention to their sleep hygiene - also known as bedtime routines.  Each of these projects includes various types of interactives.  The sleep hygiene course is also more like a story or scenario to help our struggling co-worker develop a better routine.  

This is an engaging instructor-led or virtual instructor-led training using Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.  This training includes a design document, PowerPoint, and facilitator and participant guides.

Here I have created and edited videos using Vyond and Camtasia.  To accompany the Vyond video, I also created a graphic in Canva as a microlearning sample for a veterinary clinic.